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All the Best Ingredients for the Best Barbeque in Louisiana

At Podnuh's we pride ourselves on using the best meats available for smoking.

We search out for especially large briskets and slow cook them for over sixteen hours. This process is what makes our brisket so tender and tasteful.

We use a carefully sourced St. Louis style Rib, the perfect mix of good lean meat and fat to bone. This produces the rich flavor you can taste in our ribs which are dry rubbed with spices before they are smoked.

Our smoked chickens are only fresh packed chickens (never frozen), which is why you can taste the subtle smoky flavor all through them.

We are extremely proud of our meats and that is why we serve our homemade barbecue sauce on the side, so that you can taste the meats with their great smoky flavor and use the sauce to enhance it, not cover it up.

Our side products receive the same attention. Our famous pit smoked beans are made using our over 30-year-old recipe, and slow cooked in our wood smoked pits for hours. We make fresh batches of potato salad from scratch every day. We think it just tastes better that way, and think you will agree when you taste it.

We hope you enjoy your meal at Podnuh's as much as we enjoy cooking it for you.

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